Please Help me

My name is Gopi from India.

Rent, Food & Monthly Bills

I know this is a very trying time for many  people. 2020 has been devastating for most. We as  a family have hit an all time low. Like many, I lost our job because of vivid 19; We managed to get through the year thankfully in one piece but now we are needing a miracle. As many know..
. (I somehow have faith it will all be ok) This is a ve This will be a lot on not only our family as whole but myself as I will be taking care of the 1 children solely ontop of homeschooling the older two. I really am trying my very best to stay strong and not let the kids see how afraid I am. We do not have rent for 4 months and our funds are completely maxed out. my loans and Bills are stacking up and we truly are in over our heads.  I have tried so many ways but I can’t even feed my family, It is beginning to get very  scary for us and I have absolutely no idea what more I can do. We have applied for assistance for the first time in our lives…but most of the funding is drained from everyone needing help this past year due to covid-19. Christmas gifts for the children isn’t even in our near sight and that alone kills me as a parent. Especially with the year being as crappy as it has been for them. What kid does not look forward to Christmas presents.  We need help! I have done a lot of good in my life and I have helped out many people when I was in the situation to do so. The ones of you that know me…know what kind of person I am. I would NEVER ask for this kind of help from others if I didn’t truly need it. I am hoping that I have put enough good karma out into the universe, that maybe I can receive some back in my time of need. It sounds so cliche…but ANYTHING helps. It all adds up in the end and will help us keep a roof over our heads and utilities on for a few more months. Just enough time for us to get back on our feet, Even if we do not hit our goal (I know it is a lot to ask) anything still will make a difference to our family. With that said… If you can not help with a donation….PLEASE continue to keep our family in your prayers as that goes a very long way as well. It has been the one thing keeping us going. I have seen these gofunding posts bless a lot of people in their time of need. Whether it be monetary or prayers… I can only hope it does the same for us.  At this point, we have absolutely nothing to lose. I really do not want to lose everything again. We have worked so hard the past 2 years to get back what we have now. I do not know what else to do and we are running out of time . I thank all of you near and far and in return will continue  prayers for your families as well.

*It is ok to share. I appreciate you for asking

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