Assistance in hospital bills

Had surgery and unable to work for a while

Karim Health & Medical March 9, 2020 at 4:50 am
Pledged of $10,000 goal
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My name is Karim; I was hospitalized for a week and had a surgery in my left testicle to drain an abscess located on my urethra. I haven’t worked the whole month of February being sick before the hospitalization ( Daily high blood pressure, fever, dizziness and fatigue). I’m out of hospital but still not able to go back to work for un other month (still with the daily packing of the wound, check ups…), I cannot stand nor sit for long time because of the pains. I managed to borrow some money to cover my daily expenses, rent, some bills and the physician appointments. My hospital bill would be around $8000 and the doctor’s $1000, so please help me cover the March bills, rent and other expenses then the hospital bill until I go back to work, I miss working for real and thank you everybody ❤️.

PS: I have nobody to take care of me, my wife is still back in my country waiting her visa! I cannot drive as today…

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