Bornstein and Brandy Living Fund

Covid took our father. And now need help to save our future

Barry Accidents & Disasters August 15, 2020 at 2:35 pm
Pledged of $250,000 goal
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On June 6 The Covid. pandemic hit our family like slamming into concrete wall. My Father who was full of life 23 days before passed away in the ICU due to Covid-19 complications. This has left us on an emotional roller coaster mentally and has turned our lives in to more of a tailspin than ever. My brother who has been disabled for years, our roommate who is like a sister and who is battling. Leukemia and survived a scary bout with Covid and through all this she is still working as much as she can to bring money into the house and then there is me who has not been able to work since work accident 2018 and then spinal surgery and complications. When our father passed away so unexpectedly I discovered he had left us with a lot loose financial ends. We have been left with no mortgage insurance to help pay the mortgage and very limited funds to cover other expenses. Without funds donated I fear we will lose our home and vehicle for transportation to Dr appointments  and work. With our combined medical conditions and only one of us struggling to keep working. Please help us get through this difficult time to reach a better tomorrow.

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