Capital to provide affordable and reliable transportation for workers

Far less expensive than ubers, and far more reliable and timely than public busses. We give all parties the sense of assurance. The worker get good Transportation to and from work, the company knows their workers will be on time every time because of Us.

Correlation Works Inc Business & Startups July 9, 2020 at 10:40 pm
Pledged of $5,000 goal
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“Up to 50% of fired or resinged employees from factories are due to unreliable or expensive transportation resource”- HW Staffing Rep.

 My name is Josue and I’ve developed Success Transport, which is working with staffing agencies to provide reliable and affordable transportation to and from work. Please consider supporting this capital fundraiser. We are also open to partnerships and investors with an interest return surpassing 25%

This model has been complimented numerous times and I will not rest in my work and efforts to bring it to life.

The vision is for less family households living paycheck to paycheck. More temps converted into permantcy. A greater chance for success; it starts by arriving on time, because time is money and Success Transport will get you there on time; to Success.

 The profits will also fund our non-profit org Correlation Works Inc

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