Car accident fund

I got into an accident on 35 south just south of Thackerville Oklahoma on Friday evening the person who caused the accident did not have insurance and I apparently didn’t have uninsured motorist

whitney Accidents & Disasters November 15, 2020 at 6:59 pm
Pledged of $2,000 goal
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I got into an accident south of Thackerville Friday evening on 35 south the person who hit me does not have insurance and I apparently don’t have uninsured motorist. I was coming back from out of town from checking out a job prospects when it happened I have not been working since Covid started because Work has not been available so money is obviously an issue but I have been doing is looking for work as well as beingExtremely involved in animal rescue both things require me to have transportation no amount is too small my goal is $2000 to buy a used sell by owner car any help would be appreciated. 

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