Car is broke down and I need an axal to be able to drive it

I have to have this car to be able to get you appointments that I have that are very important to the grocery store and should be able to have this car is the only way that I have to get around to my meetings to my psychiatrist and counseling and other things it's important to me to keep my sobriety that I've had for 2 years I've been working hard for this and I need this part for my car I've already replaced the whole rear end of this car so I have no money left to be able to get the only part left that I need so please someone help me I will keep praying that God will send someone thank you

Joanne Personal Emergency October 24, 2020 at 1:16 pm
Pledged of $90 goal
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If I don’t have this car I have no way to get to my meetings counseling and psychiatrist and to the doctor it’s important that I go to these because I have had my sobriety now for 2 years and I would like to keep it that way I work very hard to keep this and I had to replace the whole rear end of my car so now I am broke and I have one part left to buy and that is the axle the front axle and it’s $90 and I have no way of getting this part if someone could please find it in their heart to help me with this so that way I can keep going with the goals that I have set I want to succeed and I will keep praying that someone will help me I also attend church and I need to be able to do all these things so please someone help me thank you

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