Cheese factory in Mongolia from free range cow, goat milk

Cheese making project in Mongolia from Free range cow, goat as well as yak milk and supply it to Mongolian market as well as international market including China, Japan, Korea

Altangerel Business & Startups January 2, 2021 at 9:37 am
Pledged of $200,000 goal
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I,m from Mongolia. Who developed method to produce mozzarella cheese from freerange Mongolian cow  milk in Mongolia.

Also the method to produce mozzarella cheese from Mongolian cow milk is protected trough intellectual property office of Mongolia.

As well as my future project i protected two trademarks as well.


My previous project is still running in Mongolia. As milky way dairy LLC. But due to lack of financial problem i sold a share in that company which i know planing to start again to aiming export market

Also during my previous project, I organized a cheese and wine event to promote my cheese.

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