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As an Entrepreneur in Food catering and baking business, in the heart of Kampala ,Uganda I to use the opportunity to empower the youths and single mothers in my community which is a Kamwokya,Through teaching them usefull skills that will help them get out of their poverty lines and be productive.Its my dream to put up a community vocational centre so that they can easily learn commercial catering to start their own business and baking for commercial.pastries this will provide job opportunities and creation within my environment.. I have my own oven which I use for my clients works ,unfortunately it cannot do both teaching and accommodate practical classes.,Previously we have been charging for these classes from individuals who have passion to learn and are able to pay for their fees but with the Covid current implications many families have lost their sources of incomes and poverty is at its peak therefore they cannot afford these classes.I came up with the idea of setting up a community centre for cooking ag and baking classed so that I could offer my practice to them free of charges and have as many people enroll..This koneybwoll help us get a venue buy raw materials and basic stationary..It will go a long way to ensure a good number of youths join to better themselves and avoid crimes,teenage pregnancies and prostitution in bid to survive and provide for their families.It is myvhumble plea to each and every one of you to put This budding project into consideration contribute as little as one can afford till we get there .We hope to kick off the project On The 2nd Of May 2021.Every minute counts

Loise Creative Projects May 10, 2021 at 10:21 pm
Pledged of $5,000 goal
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  1. The community Cooking and Baking   school is a project aimed at engaging the poor families ,single mothers, rebel youths and struggling families  during this pandemic.

  2. We want to use this platform to indulge them in positive activities  which will enable them open their minds to start small food enterprises. Meaning they earn money in a legit manner
  3. By setting up this project,we engage financial literacy and planning to these members, teach them marketing their products and maintaining  good quality and consistency
  4. It will enable generation of new models of income for very many families suffer now with the effects of job loss because of covid
  5. The programm will help engage young youths and mentor them to be respectable  member of the society by avoiding  petty crimes as a means to make ends meet.
  6. If we are succesful  to raise the desired funds we will be able to get a lease for a whole year  ,but the necesary Kitchen equipment cutlery raw material and gadgets  to help the program run smoothly
  7. The learners do not have to spend any money to attend the classes
  8. It will be absolutely  free..The centre will be a shelter for so many broken people to find hope and comfort not to give up with life

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