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Brajendranath Community & Volunteer June 1, 2020 at 8:20 am
Pledged of $9,000 goal
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corona virus COVID-19 has spread across multiple countries and infected thousands of people. The virus has caused more than 15,000 deaths worldwide. In the wake of the recent outbreak of Corona Virus in India, We have launched Corona Virus Response in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.
Millions of Indians living in the rural areas are at great risk of contracting the corona virus because of lack of awareness and their poor living conditions. Due to the ongoing lockdown and stay home advisory from the government, the poor and daily wage labourers are suffering with no income and struggling to meet their daily needs.
Rapid Response is helping them with much needed Hygiene & Dry Ration Relief Supplies. We request individuals & companies to come forward and support our relief efforts. Please make a donation now.
Our Safety & Hygiene Kits Costs Rs 600/- which includes Handwash Liquid, Soap, Dettol, Phenol, Bleaching Powder, Masks, Kerchiefs and Awareness pamphlets.
Our Dry ration Relief Kits Costs Rs 1000/- which includes Rice, Wheat, Dal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt & Biscuit Packe

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