Curing cancer crusade

Trying to raise awareness and funds for my curing cancer crusade which I am still batteling after I was diagnosed back in 20115

Jennifer Personal Emergency June 27, 2020 at 1:34 am
Pledged of $1,200 goal
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Hello everyone my name is Jennifer and I am starting this campaign curing cancer crusade and i would like to tell you why this is. I was diagnoisd back in 2015 with cancer I have had 3 surgies and completed radiation theraphy sometime laat year. I am living in my car and struggling . The sucky part is my cancer is spreading out and im already disfigured from the previous surgeries. I have my ssdi in the appeals process and waiting for an answer still. If any one can help me raise funds i deeply apperciate it and would also love to talk with someone qho relates. Thanks

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