Desperately need help

Emergency help

Dakotah Personal Emergency December 23, 2020 at 2:31 am
Pledged of $200 goal
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Hello worldūüėĀ

Hope all is well as it could be.

This is still somewhat new to me, but its an option to reach out to the world.

My situation right now is not great for me, my hours were drastically reduced when covid hit. Because of that im owing some rent, I did come up with a repayment plan but its taking up what money I had for food and travel. I have almost no food and can barely afford basic things like cleaning products or personal hygiene. Travel just involves me going to work and back home.

I have no family in Toronto or nearby to go to so I’m not sure where to turn.

I would transfer to a closer store but that doesn’t mean I get the same amount of hours if I do. I physically can’t handle a second job because I spend a good chunk of my time going to and from work(roughly 3 or 4 hours on transit daily)

I’ve tried a few services to try and get me help but being nearly the end of the year,many programs are overloaded or it was too late to apply.

Im at my wits end right now

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