Disabled Vet, If I’m Asking For Help, it’s serious. COVID, Accidents, Business

Surviving and hopefully complete list of needing equipment for business

Wesley Business & Startups March 2, 2021 at 1:28 am
Pledged of $10,000 goal
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Let me start off by saying I’m not big into social media, have never asked for help like this, and I’m the type of man that’ll give his shirt off his back to help another. I’ll relinquish a small story of my life to inform you the type of person you’re donating to. At the age of 17, I’m 30 now, I enlisted into the Army Infantry, it definitely made me into the man I am today. I keep only a few people in my life because loyalty and courageous people are who I admire and cope with the best. Short after enlisting, my unit was deployed to Northern Afghanistan. I can’t specify exactly how many situations in which are lives were tested, but can say that year was definitely a busy one. I’m without a doubt the soldier/brother in the group that no matter what went on that day I’ll be right there by your side to fight whatever comes at us, even if the odds don’t favor we’ll lose together. Trying to keep it short and sweet I’ll provide one story which is publicly notated, towards the end of deployment my vehicle was blown up by several RPGs being launched at my truck starting one of the worst ambushes we faced that year, my TC, SGT Joshua Labbe, was awarded the Silver Star for the bravery he displayed that day, https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/33814. After that occurrence I was offered a Purple Heart, respectfully declined it due to a few brothers that had been severely injured during another ambush before this incident. Felt that it would be an insult to the one’s receiving this award that gave more. Following the military has been a journey. Receiving phone calls over the years due to men I used to serve with killing themselves, overdosing, and drinking one’s self to death always seemed to occur during the hardest and most challenging chapters in God’s journey for me. Ask anyone that knows me, the few, I’ve done everything I can to help those in need at a drop of a hat. For instance, a close friend of mine called at his rock bottom wanting to put his pain to rest and talk about those questions some Veterans always keep asking themselves. At that time my vehicle was being worked on in the shop, but I did have a Harley Davidson motorcycle! That same day he called, I will add its nearing winter time, I packed a small bag, dressed up as the Michelin Man, and drove 12 hours on my Harley heading North to make him smile and know that “Daddy Sikes” needs him as much as every person he holds near. Hoping I have provided you with a tad bit of information to show what kind of person I am when my armor is on I’ll move onto the reasoning of asking for this miracle from those who are reading. Without getting too personal, the past year has been a bumpy road with a trail of tears. Everyone has their own battle and I know there is always another person that’s suffering far worse than I, that’s why it’s so difficult to ask for help. So, I had a very successful career in the oilfield in which I tended to throw myself into, it helped me focus and stimulate myself to overcome whatever is in my path. Grinding, working harder than the others around me, and in some situations being the one to do what others won’t definitely gave me a sense of accomplishment and drive to pushed forward after everything. Day by day it gets better. This past year the pandemic and the typical things life throws at you has made me succumb to asking for help. So, the oilfield went down pretty quick when COVID came to life. I have been forced to collect Unemployment Benefits for which now they’re refusing to pay me, haven’t been paid in 8 weeks and I’m trying everything I can to take care of the family and start a Welding business at the same time. Also, a little over a year ago my wife and I were in a severe accident, too many injuries to list. Then the rock keeps tumbling down hill, three months ago I was hit from behind on my motorcycle at 80mph which flung me like a rag doll down the highway, dislocated shoulders, torn meniscus, and severe road rash, the only nice thing I had left was completely totaled. Then with all my amazing luck, two weeks ago I totaled my vehicle trying to avoid a dog in the road for which I needed to turn on, unfortunately the only place to avoid sending that animal to Doggy Heaven was straight, in turn I ended up sharing a moment with The Dukes of Hazzard launching myself off the road. This resulted in smashing my pretty nose into my face and pointing the tip of it to my right ear, breaking some facial bones, and my wrist as well. So besides the massive amount of medical debt, inability to purchase a diesel truck, and New Mexico Workforce refusing to pay me my benefits for almost 8 weeks, I find myself asking for help with providing for my family and hopefully put a little forward to either a truck or other welding equipment needed for my business. Thank you for those who took time out of their busy lives to read this Fundgram page and for those of you who donate, words cannot express the appreciation.

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