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bubble water wall project

Pro Tehnix Business & Startups June 26, 2020 at 3:20 am
Pledged of $15,000 goal
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Last years bubble water wall are taking more use in sensory rooms for kids with limited communication skills, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars and personal use.

A bubble wall is a clear acrylic panel similar to an aquarium tank – designed to showcase a beautiful underwater environment, and is made from the same type of materials. However, a bubble panel holds much less water, requires very little maintenance, and displays a magical flow of bubbles dancing to the water’s surface. Often used as a calming, tranquil centerpiece, a bubble wall water feature is used to relieve stress and anxiety. The added effects of color changing LED lighting is not only mesmerizing to the eye, but is also very energy efficient.

Since there is no bubble wall factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina,we are trying to start this kind of business for whole region. After their studying and making some samples, we figured out that we will need some help to expand business on the whole region.

Plan about business :

Young ambitious group of people are trying to reach their business plan consisting of:

-buying necessary machines and lager amount of material from EU (because some of quality materials are not able to purchase in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in that case buying big amount of it from EU is better solution)

-having own vehicle to offer free shipping,

-expanding business in whole region at the beginning, later in EU and try have a partnership in other continents,

-start making products for sensory rooms.

A sensory room is a special room designed to develop a person’s sense, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. It can be used as a therapy for children with limited communication skills.

Plan is to be first supplier for sensory rooms on whole region.

About donations:

We are thankful for any donation which will help our business start and work with Your help. We guarantee our modern bubble walls will make every kind of interior unique.

You can also support us with share.

We are giving some awesome rewards.

Every donation will be remembered and in return you can choose one of awesome rewards:

-For any kind of donation or share we will update You when we divide donations with charity and make free sample for kids in need,

-For 200$ donation get advertisement with your tag name, logo, business name or photo on bubble walls we make,

-For 1000$ get one bubble wall shipped to your home,

-For 5000$ get unique limited edition sample.

– For higher donations get full return of money after business is developed and successful.

Participate in the charity:

-For every 1,000$ reached donations 10% will go for kids charity and young leaders hit by COVID-19

-For every 2,000$ reached donations we are creating and gifting one sample for sensory room regulary priced 1000$.

Donations and proofs will be listed in update sector after approval of administration.

Usual Q&A:

Q: What are risks and challenges of this project?

A: Since we are only one with this project idea in whole region, risks are reduced. Our job is partly developed already, and it is in testing phase with good results from public.

Our biggest challenge will be to expand in whole Europe and other continents later, to be competition anybody in this kind of project, but we secured us with some non-existing products.

Q: How will you maximize the long-term of what you’re making?

A: This kind of design is new but growing idea. As long as new hotels,clubs, coffee bars,sensory rooms and private houses and real estates are built, we can insert one of our samples.

Q: What is your team doing at this moment?

A: At this moment we combine interior furniture with bubble walls. We are making two 3D project sample of bubble wall combined with bluetooth speakers and bubble wall combined with TV commode.

Feel free to check some of our work:

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