Families in need!

Three Dominican families in serious need of help!

Tam Accidents & Disasters July 2, 2020 at 1:47 pm
Pledged of $2,000 goal
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I spent three months in the Dominican Republic at a 4 star all inclusive resort! There is a ton of employees there that work extremely hard long hours and many days in a row with out a day off for 200$ American a month! Can u  imagine? They send home there pay checks to their spouse

and bambino’s. To pay rent and so forth.  Then they rely on tips to pay the other expenses of living.The tips they receive all get pooled and split up between all of them. Once a month they receive it with paycheque. Wich is usually around same amount.  We were sitting at the bar one day eating chocolate.  There faces lit up like I’ve never seen before. They will never ask for anything as they are not allowed to . I offered some chocolate to a few of them working that day and the excitement I received back and the thanks was incredible. Some would eat right away and some wouldn’t. I watched some of the girls put there’s away. I though hmm that’s strange..  well as much as they wanted it. They put it away for there children.  Candy and chocolate pop beer the extras we all love they can’t afford at all. The most of them had never even had chocolate in there lives. Anyways I went to Walmart there and bought jus about every chocolate and candy they had there and gave to employees as tips.  Well let me tell u did we get exceptional service now!!
I couldn’t believe it . The property we stayed at had three resorts on it.  Adults only. Then the other two families! We became very well known and couldn’t go anywhere on resort now with out cAndy or chocolate! I think it became way more expensive than tipping but the expressions on the faces was. Well worth it!

So sorry to make long story short there was 4 of them that we became i guess closer with our drinks were made before they seen our faces and what ever else we had liked there!

Now with this COVID thing that swept the globe they are without everything . There government hasn’t given any support at all from what’ I understand and they are all trying to get a dollar from wherever they can to survive.

So I’m asking in this time of need for all of us if u even have a dollar u can donate to my four favourite families I got to know. They will appreciate every penny to survive.  If they were here they would work so hard at anything for it .
I am aware we are all in need at this time but I ask for them if u could could jus donate 1$. It will keep them alive until work opens again!

Ty for your time from all of us


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