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We dream to have our own home

Alin Family & Kids November 8, 2020 at 8:22 am
Pledged of $50 goal
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Greetings to all of you!

My name is Alin, I am 33 years old and I am from Romania.
I am married since 2011 and have four kids; Marcus(8 years old), Dadi(in december she will be 7), Kevin(3 years old) and Jessica 4 months. We live in a small rent flat and our dreams is to have our own home for our children future.
I am the only one who is working in my family while my wife is taking care of our children.
I was living in the orphanage untill age 16 and knowing how is to live without a family I cant leave my children for a better job.
I prefer be paid less but to know that after working I can hug my kids, I can feel their breath, I can kiss them or see them growing up.
In my opinion, it is verry important to see my kids how they play, how they grow, how they laugh, cry or get fight.
I thing that, the smaller age at the children is the age where parents should be more near they, together with they. In this way, you could know better your children.
Many of romanian people has emigrate in other states, some of them leave their family behind to have a better life for they but I cant live without my children and also my children cant live without me.
Life in Romania is it hard. It is hard to may save some money for the future and also to pay bills, rent and others.
I did tried to take a home through the bank but I was not eligible for that.
Because I will never be able to buy a house by my own power, I ask your help for us to buy a house where we may say firm: finally at home!
If you cant donate for our dream, just let others know about our campaign by sharing our story.
In this way you contribute to the fulfillment of our dream.
At the finally, I want thank you in advance.

  • May Almighty God Bless You!

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