Give a dog a bone

Emergency vet appointment payment

Angela Pets & Animals May 10, 2021 at 11:23 pm
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My name is Angela and I’m asking for help to get Bella to the vets in the morning and get the injection she needs…

i’ve had Bella in my life since she was a puppy she was originally my exes 30th birthday present, From the moment I laid eyes on Here we were inseparableMy relationship ended violently and after seven years of living together police escorted me and Bella from the house she was the only thing I took when I left my violent ex,

She is 8yrs old and it’s been the two of us her whole life she is smart and Very cheeky and if she had her way she would be a little piggy with her food

I’ll share a  funny story that is a her in a nut shell,  about three years ago I walk down to my local shop put Bella on the rail with a lead went into the shop five minutes later I had a humongous crush then something whizzed past me and then a lady screamedBella had bitten through her lead and was running through the shop she knocked over a crisp stand and picked up a packet of crisps If that was an embarrassing enough when I tried to put her back on her lead she totally ignored me and ran in the opposite direction as if I was the crazy lady who was trying to get a dog I didn’t know to come back home with me

ever since she was a pup she has suffered with Gastroenteritis ( it is a general term for a stomach and gut upsets with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and gut pain) adults call it wind

usually catch it in time and manage it at home but I’m on occasion he got to the point where she was vomiting blood which was extremely scary After talking to the vet we made an emergency appointment and she was given an injection to stop her from being sick the next day back to her energetic Full of life cheeky self


30days ago the blue cross service I was registered with closed, so I don’t get help with vet fees now

I called the vets this morning because Bella has started vomiting blood again and they told me I would need to come in for an emergency appointment earliest tomorrow morning so Bella can have her injection

so now I have to pay an emergency fee and the price of her injection I’ve not got a penny to my name until Monday by then you’ll be too late I am unbelievably Heartbroken and ashamed but I can’t provide the help that my girl needs

My girl





absolutely loves water well the outside type Whenever there is a river or lake near by Bella is in it

funny thing is though she doesn’t like having a grooming shower….


I suffer with depression and I’ve not left the house for any reason other reason than to take Bella out she is the reason I get up in the morning

Always been in work and earned  my money, Due to a tragic personal loss last year my state of mind completely changed I live at home with my mum recently and some days Bella is the only reason I get up I suffer with depression and anxiety and apart from taking Bella on her walks I haven’t left the house for the last yearI’m not going to give you my sob story Because everybody has one I’ve always paid my way unfortunately it’s one of those times where I reaching out for help

now and again bella suffers from Gastroenteritis is a general term for a stomach and gut upsets with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and gut pain.There are many possible causes, for example eating something unusual or perhaps a gut infection.Treatment for gastroenteritis focuses on keeping your dog comfortable and hydrated whilst they recover.

literally 30 days ago Blue Cross service I was registered with closed for the last two days Bella has had one of these episodes but it’s got to the point now where there is blood in her vomit I can take it to the vet in the morning the problem is I don’t get paid till Monday she won’t last that long I need help to pay her consultation fee and her injection It’s an emergency appointment in the morning I

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