Hands For a Hope

Hands For a hope

sima Community & Volunteer August 28, 2020 at 4:13 pm
Pledged of $25,000 goal
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Hands for a Hope Campaign Nepal its started During the Corona covid-19 viruses Effected in whole world. Since the Lock down people are facing Difficulties for Having the food, Primary Medicine and Antiseptics as the Corona Virus spreading in Nepal Because of the Lock Down everything Shut off. so people who were cycling their life on the base of Monthly salary Facing really hard times since April-2020 till now. The Families of worker’s are starving for the food now.
I am Sima lama who have seen and faced the same situation .So i individually raise the Fund from my friends, Colleagues whoever able to donate me. So that i am able to help my Family and my Community as well. The Government of Nepal didn’t act good for the Relief.
Still Lock down is going on there are too many families out of the Food/primary medicines/Antiseptics in my Community .people are dying from the Hunger more than the Corona Virus. we became so Hopeless since all the resources been closed to prevent the Corona virus. 80% percent people already went through the depression and up to 2000 people Committed Suicide By losing the hope.
>My priority it goes to the Families of workers
> kids who are innocent to know the situation happening right now .They want to have at least 3 times of Meal in a Day,
>Mothers in my Community they are already Mentally Weak to manage the House hold By Lacking of the Food and the incomes which been over in 6 months of Lock down.
This is why i started the Campaign Hands For a Hope to raise the Fund not to stay quietly to get the Help .I would like to request you all the friends ,Family and kind people around the world to help me raising Fund $25000 so that i will be able to give at least 100 families in Kathmandu Nepal
My humble request for your KINDNESS Thank you all..
I would be happy if you could use the button to share about my project!
visit my site.>>>>https://5f44d1ac177ec.site123.me/?fbclid=IwAR1Mhn7WoSf8qJW-ZhodPEBQYdKxCFHnvYHoSnKo1AC1IU0-SZuBhqtUQA4

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