Help Chrissy’s Hospital Needs

Chrissy Suffered from Diabetes , Critical Pneumonia and Hypertension

PAULA VIVIENE Health & Medical January 21, 2021 at 1:50 pm
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Hi everyone. this message to help our friend who’s still in the hospital right now.
She is CHRISSY ANNE HUTCHINGS, a loving mother of three,and a loving wife. because of pandemic, her husband, who works as a simple employee is struggling for their expenses. Chrissy sacrificed to work far from her family to help her husband. she worked as an STAY-IN office staff.  they stayed in the office for months, Not able to go home to her family because of pandemic.
Unfortunately , Chrissy, who have a Highblood Pressure and Diabetes, got infected with the Corona virus and suffered a critical stage Pneumonia.
She’s still in the hospital right now and
She’s still not allow to discharge with the reason of, her hospital bill is too big, amounting of 1,500,000pesos or 84,000EUR and in every single day, staying in the hospital is also an additional expense to her.
With the help of insurance,family and friends ,She already paid a big amount, but still struggling with the outstanding balance in the hospital .
As of now she’s still in the hospital with diabetes, Pheumonia and Highblood. but the Hospital wont give her medicine anymore because her bill is too big.

In every single help we can give to her, Even the smallest ,is a big help, counted and much appreciated. To those whose willing to give some help, this is her details.

Chrissy Anne Hutchings

GCash : 09084991107

Chrissy Anne Hutchings
Union Bank of the Philippines

If someone wants to help, you can call her first, to be sure . 🙂
Thank you so much for the help!🙂

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