Help for my mother

My mom needs one of her vehicles repaired, she is fostering 2 of her grandbabies by herself and needs transportation

Jasmine Personal Emergency September 16, 2020 at 6:38 pm
Pledged of $1,800 goal
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My moms van broke down on august the 9th, results it was the transmission like i said above she is single and is fostering her 2 grandkids so she could not get it fixed, so a very nice friend let her borrow a car, and well unfortunately it started messing up as well and will not pass inspection, so then my grandmother got her a loan to buy her a vehicle, she bought a honda pilot, she drove it one day everything was great, then the next day she went to the store and was coming home, when she heard a loud noise from under the hood and the car cut off, so we had it towed to a garage and found out the timing band had broken and damaged the motor so she has to buy a whole motor, thats our situation and why we are asking for help, she is now vehicle less, anything will help even PRAYERS if you cannot donate thank you all in advance

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