Help me bury my mother properly please

My mother passed away due to covid 19 and I am the only family she had I am a college student who cant afford it.

jesse Memorials & Funerals July 26, 2020 at 2:50 pm
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This is hard for me to write so bare with me. At the beginning of July my mother began having symptoms similar to bronchitis. She was 65 and overall pretty healthy. When we went into the doctors our worst fears came true and she was diagnosed with covid19.

Shortly after that her health started to rapidly decline until july 17th when she passed away. I am her only child and really only family member she had. She was always a hardworking,caring,giving and loving person. We together didn’t have much of a savings due to alot of other recent medical problems I had.  So for this to happen now was to say the least devastating. I am lost without her and worst of all I dont even have the expenses to have her buried properly which is really just eating away at me. It’s the least she deserved and I cant even provide that. I work full time at a grocery store and also and taking college classes 4 days a week. Any help would be more than appreciated.

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