Help me get a nice day off

Holy crap, my mood has been.. it’s like the path of a scribble a child makes when frustrated. I was hoping to maybe get out on a date or something with my boyfriend or just go out and do something nice (with him) because holy hell.. I really need to get out and do something. In fact, we talked about going out on a date, having a nice picnic. I was even wanting to go and maybe get a few things of clothing from a thrift store, help lift my spirits with a new outfit. Just.. please help a girl out so she can have a nice date day to relieve stress. Edit: Just found out due to my depression, I am actually losing weight and I’m underweight. Luckily it’s not bad yet, but I fear the rate is gonna increase.

Sophie Accidents & Disasters November 18, 2020 at 7:41 pm
Pledged of $50 goal
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