Help me save my house!

Help me save my house!

Miloš Personal Emergency May 22, 2020 at 3:25 pm
Pledged of $5,200 goal
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Hi, everyone.

Thank you for watching my campaign.

So, let me begin. I am from Serbia. I am a victim of fraud. I wanted to help my friend starting his own business and bought him a few mobile phones (I signed contracts with mobile carrier Telenor in Serbia). for his company. He payed few bills but after few months he dissapeared. I didnt have money to pay for it, and today I got email from mobile service carrier that my house will be confiscated and sold unless I pay for bills, or they will freeze 2/3 od my sallary (my sallary is €450 and they will freeze €300 every month untill it’s paid).I just started working and my sallary is €450. And I can not do anything about that. I was stupid enough to believe someone and wanted to help, so it is my fault. Anyway, I can choose to work next 13 months for €150 (when they cut €300 for debt) and pay for my own bills which will leave me around €80 for month to buy food and everything I need, or to lose my house which will make my mother and me homeless. So please, I beg you, if you can donate even €/$1, I would appreciate that and it will help me a lot. If 4700 people just donate €1 I will keep my house and have my sallary to live. I beg you, please help me. Thank you in advance

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