Help Mukit to study for future

Help me so that I can study for my future and for my family, I will get Type A Scholarship that will cover for my tution fee but I still need to pay for my Dormitory and living expense

Mukit Education & Schools May 10, 2021 at 11:28 pm
Pledged of $10,000 goal
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Hello, my name is Mukit. and I am from Bangladesh. at the moment I can’t study because of covid19 my father loses his job. and we are barely able to eat every day. I just pass my SSC exam and now I want to study in china in Computer Science so that I can become a software developer in the future and able to take care of my family on my own. I will get a Type A Scholarship for my good result in SSC that will cover my tuition fee but I still need to pay for my dormitory and need living expanse that can’t be cover by my family. Because I am an International Student I won’t be able to work anywhere while I’m studying there because it’s illegal for international students to work part-time jobs in China. So I won’t be able to work any part-time job there to get my living expanse or dormitory fee. they can’t even pay for my ticket to china. I want to study and I want to do something big in the future but because of my current situation, I can’t continue to study. I also need a new laptop so that I can do my coding on it, at the moment I have an old desktop that barely works and give me lag a lot.

So because of that, I created a gofundme of $10000 CAD for my dormitory and living expenses in chana. and so that I can do something in my future and take care of my family. Thank you and you all stay and becoming part of my success. pray for me for my success and god bless all of you.

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