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So heres my bad luck in life..

oscar Personal Emergency March 21, 2020 at 1:33 am
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So heres my bad luck in life.. my father suicided in 2009 and only last year i was able to leave my moms house. i was almost buying a house when i got a car accident and got fired from my job. Went on recovery and then, Started working 2 weeks ago, but then my country went on emergency state and the place i work closed and i got fired today ( 20/03 ) . My mom was fired 2 months ago also, and now im still in her house and unable to help her, and she is part of the risk group of coronavirus, since she has 2 major health conditions, and now, she suspects she has 2 cancers ( breast and uterus ). Life is not easy, please if someone can, help me..

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