Help the premature children of Argentina

The prematures children of Argentina needs your help!

Nicolás Health & Medical November 11, 2020 at 6:55 am
Pledged of $300 goal
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In Argentina, the health is free. But with the CoVid-19 pandemic, it’s making very difficult to get medicines, diapers, clothes and medical instruments, essentials to the prematures,their families and even the doctors in the Hospital.

I’m a father of a premature child, and my goal was to give all the years in the premature’s week (which is in november) many things that the hospital need. But this year they need a bigger hand, more help and i can’t afford it (i’m a delivery boy,i don’t earn much money).

My goal is 300 dollars. It’s not much,but our money in Argentina is very devaluated,so for us it’s a lot! With this, i can buy clothes for the babies and his mothers (the most of the families are poor), special diapers, medicines that the children need, and even other stuffs, like thermometer.

Give me a hand, give a hand to the premature child of Argentina.

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