Help to get a home and car

Family friend s needing a miracle and prayers

Rosemary Personal Emergency December 1, 2020 at 3:04 am
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Hello everyone my name is Rose of course i never thought i would ever come to the point of asking this but here i go because it no longer involves me as everyone know i just come out of the hospital with double pneumonia i was living in a home that was full of black mold and and thats how i caught double pneumonia and almost died  due to it i got behind on rent because yes i now have long term affect s due to the black mold and also having type 1 didbetes and i also was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 5 months pregnant with my son and he is now  a year and 2 months old and I did not realize that having cervical cancer could get this bad now I’m having to get a full hysterectomy done due to the cervical cancer so yes i very weak all the time but i m very blessed to b here with my son but anyways the day before Thanksgiving i was kick out of my home with my baby in the cold by the landlord and i was also told that i was not supposed to b kick out during the covid pandemic going on right now but I was and i have lost everything everyday we our living hotel to hotel trying to make it we also have no car i did found  a car for 500 that runs and we our just trying to pay up a month at a hotel so i can focus on getting better and get my surgery done and b able to get back in forth to my doctor vist and get well enough to get back to work so family and friends im trying and wont stop trying because god is not done with me yet

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