Help young girl leave her abusive house

This young girl is really struggling both mentally and physically and needs help getting her own place

Sarah Personal Emergency February 1, 2021 at 3:11 am
Pledged of $15,000 goal
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For safety reasons there won’t be any names mentioned, but there’s a young girl living with her extremely homophobic parents. This has and is continuing to cause major effects on her mental health. Her parents are abusive in many ways, mainly financially and emotionally which is why this fundraiser has been set up. She told her parents she wanted to cut her hair, so they shaved it off so she’d be ‘unattractive’ to everyone. She asked them if she could have her phone overnight, and they gave her a old phone with no numbers on it, and no internet access The aim is to raise enough money to get her a deposit for her own house or enough to pay rent for a while until she gets on her feet, away from the negativity she’s had to endure her whole life. She has told people that if she doesn’t get out of that environment soon then she knows her mental health will only get worse. She’s tried staying with others but evidently always has to go back to her parents. She needs something long term and this is her escape. The target amount is only a dream, any donation big or small is greatly appreciated.

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