Helping a newly single mother start over safe

Helping a single mother get some form of transportation and into a house

Lindsay Family & Kids October 18, 2021 at 12:39 pm
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Hi guys. I’m a newly single mom. My fiance left me 6 months pregnant and our 4 other children for another woman and left us with nothing. He literally dropped us off to visit my mom and never came back. It’s been 2 months. He took our only vehicle with our bags full of clothes. He left us with nothing to our name except a little bit of kids clothes and a few of their toys. Despite being extremely hurt emotionally and mentally by it I know its better for me and the kids. He was very controlling, demanding, struggled with substance abuse, and was verbally, mentally, and at times physically abusive towards me in front of the kids. I really need some help getting a vehicle for us. I will gladly take the cheapest vehicle possible that will fit us safely. I’d love to try to get some help with a deposit getting into a place too if possible I have a job and could pay rent but it’s almost impossible for me to save up enough for a security deposit plus the first months rent by myself with all of the kids.  I’ve applied for housing but every where has a several month long wait list and there is no room in a shelter for all of us. We have to get out of my moms her house is in bad shape and she has too many pets theres no room for us all here we are all sleeping on the floor  on a mattress and couch. Please if anyone can help us. I will provide all proofs and anything anyone wants to know. Please just help my family. I dont have much time left before this baby is here and I cant bring it home with nowhere for us to go.

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