HELPING My brother get joint custody

My brother is trying to get joint custody of his kids.his story is posted below.

Monique Legal January 21, 2021 at 1:49 pm
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On December 28th 2020 she took the kids to a birthday party and did not return. On January 6th 2021, she returned to the home we shared and said I could only have the kids one day. January 7th 2021 brought the kids home they looked sleep deprived, and dirty my daughters hair was matted and my potty trained child was in a pull up. And my daughter was in another childs panties. I gave them a bath that night and their water was really brown I had to restart their bath. I said nothing to her but then began to send me messages after I told her we were going to visit my family 45 minutes away. On the 8th she showed up to my dads house at between 9pm/10pm with her aunt banging on my father’s doors and windows the police had to escort her off my dads property. I tried to come up with an agreement that stated she’d never run off with the kids again. She agree to sign it but once I brought up a lawyer to file it she then began to threatening to throw me out of our home.. which she did and ruined some of my items. I finally decided I needed to file a protective order and custody so on the next business day I did but I was finally successful filing on the 11/12 of January. But on January 13th she filed a TRO on behalf of the children the police came and took them from my parents while I was running errands. Now her family is harassing me on Facebook after my sister started me a gofundme for help with obtaining a lawyer. I’ve got court on the 27th of January and really need representation.


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