Horses of Gili food drive 2021

Raising money for working horses of Gili Islands Indonesia

Tori Non-Profit & Charity February 8, 2021 at 3:36 am
Pledged of $10 goal
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http://We are a charity on Gili Island, Indonesia created in 2015 to help better the lives of worjing horses and ponies. These islands are a unique tourism destination which does not allow motorized vehicles so everything is done with horses.

Normally our islands (3 of them) have around 500 horses and ponies which are used for everything needed including transportation. Since Covid the islands are closed for tourism and many horses have been slaughtered or sold. But about 250 remain and we have been helping to feed them since March 2020.

A bag of grass costs $3.50 and will feed a horse for 2 days, a bag of rice bran is $19 and will feed a horse for a week.  We are currently buying 5 tons of rice powder weekly and distributing it.

Any funds raised go directly towards feeding and caring for the working horses whose owners are unemployed due to Covid.

Thank  you for caring

Tori and the horses of Gili

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