In memory of Ahmed

In memory of Ahmed him

Muhammad Memorials & Funerals October 23, 2020 at 8:12 pm
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In memory of Ahmed                                                            This is for my friend Ahmed and his family,
who has passed away. He was a great friend
and a great son.
Ahmed was a very loving person just like his family. He was a great Person to be around, he always had a positive attitudeI, always willing  to help anyone even if he didn’t know them. He was a great human being. I wanna raising money for the family in this difficult times.

I’m  looking to raise as much money as possible as soon a possible to be able to help the family.    We should get together as a community to help Ahmed or anyone that need help as much as we can. We gotta help each other to get through these difficult  times.

Thanks  to everyone,
Any donations would help.

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