Knee ACL implant For Surgery

ACL implants for my Left Knee

Joallen Accidents & Disasters October 18, 2021 at 12:31 pm
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Long time ago, in year 2006 i got my first injury. That day i thought it was not very serious problem, but time past by and years past by still my knee swelling. So in year 2012 i got my first MRI at NMMC nothern mindanao midacal center. That they i find out that i torn my ACl ligament. But because of lack of financial assistance i did not undergone surgery.. and today i feel that my knee is not really okay, . So now, i undergo another MRI the result will be next week. Oct 21st 2021. Last MRI the result is torn ACL so i decided to ask the price of that implant. It turn out that its 1500$ or 75,000Php.. please help me to get this said amount. Any amout will do. Thank you..!

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