Little Miracle Baby Reighley

family assistance getting lodging to stay close to Baby

Chris Griffith and Blanca Vasquez Health & Medical August 6, 2020 at 11:28 am
Pledged of $2,500 goal
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Little Miracle Miss Reighley

On July 31 Chris Griffith And Blanca Vasquez welcomed another addition to their family.
Baby Reighley 1lb and 11oz. She was 13 weeks early. She was life flighted from Crockett to
Houston to Texas Children hospital. Blanca was transported shortly after. Momma has been
released and is doing well, other than missing Riley. She had to return to Crockett without
Reighley . As she needs to grow and get stronger, before she an join the family in Crockett.
They aren’t able to Stay in Houston to see her like they want to. Funds are short and
have no where to stay other than a hotel. They have put in a request to Medicade to
try and help with this. No word on that yet. This young family is trying to make the
best of things. Traveling back and forth to Houston is very costly. The cost to park
is 25$ every time. They want and need to spend as much time as they can with the little
one. Any donations for gas lodging food medical would be greatly appreciate please keep
this family in your prayers for healing and safe travels.Thank you for taking the time reading
this. To everyone one who has helped thus far I thank you so much. thank in advance
To anyone who does help in any way. I know that Chris,Blanca,and Allie appreciates all prayers
and help getting them closer to their newest addition and bringing her home.

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