Little Nikos Surgery 💙🐾

Let’s get Niko his surgery !

oswaldo Pets & Animals April 4, 2021 at 9:57 pm
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Hey everyone ! On March 16,2021 my girlfriends dog Niko broke his leg. He was rushed to the emergency room where they said it was the main bone. They were given three options; Surgery with after care, amputation, and putting him down. After given the expenses for the surgery, it was more than they can afford right now with other various personal situations going on in their life. They don’t want to amputate his leg or put him down as he is only a puppy! So we decided to make a GoFundMe for Niko to raise money for a surgery to save his life and be able to live life on all fours. Please everyone, this is our last cry for help. Anything will help !! No donation is to small, lets get little Niko his surgery !! 💙🐾

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