Lyme Disease Tsvetan Atanasov

In 2014 illness hit me so rapidly , the way only really bad infection or poisoning could do. It turned out to be Lyme. Diagnosed too late, wrongly and late treated.The bacteria itself made me less damage, than the doctors with all the chemical poisons they smashed me. I lost 30 kg in a few months. My immune system doesn't know which is enemy, which is food. Every pathogen from the environment finds weak system and stays. Today one, tomorrow another. Recently i nearly died from Hep. C. My whole system is unable to self regulate. I cannot digest food. Whatever i try to eat i produce poisons in my gut. Then i cannot get the poisons out of my dead intestines. Instead of digestion, i got brewery. I got drunk from carrot juice. Serious. Lots of fungal strains, probably many viruses, bacteria, parasites, all.Liver and guts poison each other. Endocrine, neuro vegetative system..all mess.. Bloated stomach,Terrible toxity.The general toxicosis of the body is also terrible, I want to tear my head off with the brain fog,pains and constant severe tinnitus 24/7 with insomnia.The immune system reacts inadequately and excessively to an external stimulus and thus intoxicates me.Any touch with doctor makes me worst, because they wanna give over poisoned man even more poisons. I got sick from car fumes, people's cosmetics, EMF- my router, all. 24 h i try to push broken mechanisms in my body with enemas literally and figuratively. I badly retain water. Fasting is impossible due to severe deficiencies after years of dyspepsy. I beg just i can sleep, walk, and EAT something.