My Cat hospital medical bills for his serious condition

My cat needs longer treatment in the hospital for his urine blocking condition that can kill him. Needing help with the hospital bill so he can get further treatment to keep the catheter in his urethra. This is URGENT. His life is at risk and need financial help if they need to keep him longer

Tiffany Pets & Animals January 8, 2021 at 10:55 pm
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My 1 year old kitten Maverick is in the hospital for a urinary blockage that can kill him. He is currently getting treatment paid for with a catheter in his urethra that unblocked him. The treatment paid for is only for 48 hours. He may need to stay longer and that bill will be an outstanding amount I cannot pay for because they will be needing to transfer him. If they are not happy with what they see tomorrow,  they will recommend he stays longer. I cannot keep taking the catheter in and out of him if he should get blocked again after taking him home, which will most likely  happen. I would not ask if this wasn’t an Emergency and for the sake of his LIFE. I already paid $1200 at another vet, not including $125 for medicine. And an organization blessed me to help with this bill to fir him to stay for 48 hours. Please Help him financially with his medical bills. I’m asking from the bottom of my heart. PLEASE HELP SAVE MY KITTEN. Any amount of donation will help and be appreciated!

Thank you

Tiffany and Maverick

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