My final battle against head Tumor Neurome

My final battle against head tumor.

Natalia Health & Medical May 10, 2021 at 11:05 pm
Pledged of $42,000 goal
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Warriors have battle scars.

I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma 6 cm in size) 11 years ago and underwent surgical tumor removal at that time. Unfortunately, due to the tumor size and location the tumor was not removed entirely. This complicated and risky procedure left me with face paralysis, vision and hearing loss on one side. Further, multiple yearly scans and radiation therapy had followed. My fience has left me and i become handicap. When i speak my face hurts me and have assymetry. I often hear “Beauty is inside you” but man avoid to start serious relation with handicap and ugly face.
I am working as art teacher for kids, i am artist and have professional degree in fine Arts, sometimes i am a photographer as well.
The tumor relapsed and now i have again large brain size tumor that requires removal to save my life. The open traditional surgery can not be performed again due to extremely high risk.
The only available and, most importantly, successful treatment option for my brain tumor is a modern technology such as stereotactic radiosurgery. Such radiosurgery will save my life. The doctors’ prognosis is optimistic with this treatment plan and i have a big hope for recovery.
I am kindly, asking you to help and donate money for my stereotactic radiosurgery to save my life. According to an invoice from a German Clinic, it is necessary to collect $42,000 US dollars which will cover surgery, hospital stay and immediate post-surgical short-term rehabilitation.
The doctors are insisting that this surgery should be done as soon as possible because the tumor is compressing brain structures and blood vessels putting my life at risk every day.
A huge THANK YOU and big warm hugs in advance to everyone who is helping in saving my life! All together we can make it happen.

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