My stolen son

My stolen son

nicolene Family & Kids May 19, 2020 at 3:20 pm
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Venessa Barrett
My big Question is I didn’t registered my child in who did how did they Got a paper of birth to process an adoption procedure of a child that wasn’t told to or actioned by his parents or relatives

FB friends can u help me find my son that was stolen from me in 1991 two months after he was born under a so arrest on my baby daddy by a district constable from the old harbour police station who later came and took me away from my baby for a court hearing that was not so ..
FB friends in 2001 I call the perkins talk show and explain my pain of my missing child he ask to give my number off air. By the time I was off the radio I got a call from one mr Owen Bowen who identified himself as the director of children service who then schedule a meeting to see me at the oceana hotel Kingston of which I agreed and attended

In this meeting so much happen I was heartbroken then I started telling him I will be getting a lawyer of which he offered me one of their lawyer I refuse because they are government authorities and the legal aid lawyer never defends a case against the government fairly..

anyway I become very loud in that building of which I calm down after and he told me my son was adopted by jamaican born Canada based parents and he can give me any info …

I never gave away my child and under the circumstances they had my child in the first place give them no legal rights to give away my son.

My name is nicolene Downer all this happened in October 1991 from the glenhope place of safety, maxfield park road. The baby was not registered but was admitted in the children home in the same compound as Baby Downer and that why M. Bowen easily knew my case after he listened to me on the perkins show

Please post my story and help my to find my son. It has been 28 years and 9 months since I have not seen my child and I try so with many different media to help me but no one did.

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