Newly disabled, need help to survive

Newly disabled, after necessary 3 bills I have I'm left with $86/month to cover food and gas and medicine and anything else that comes up. Only start out with 783/month

Kimberly Personal Emergency June 10, 2020 at 1:33 pm
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Hello everyone!

I hate asking for help… Absolutely hate it.
I recently got on social security disablity and it’s in such a way that i am required to stay with my family to be able to make just enough to pay for a vehicle. After getting the vehicle, which is a necessary for medical appointments (for said disabilities) and other obligations, it was accured to me that I’m massively in hot water. Can’t take the vehicle back. Can’t move out of my parents or I’ll lose over 200 dollars, can’t pay for the vehicle then.
I need help to pay for my bills. I make $783 a month, my car payment and insurance is $537/month, rent that is required by social security that my dad is required to take out is $160/month
After just those things I’ll be left with $86/month to cover anything else that goes wrong…
I can’t do life on my own. My disability won’t let me be normal or be able to live decently.
So any help would be appreciated!!!
Thank you in advance!!!

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