Please help Kit survive cancer

Fundraiser for my cat Kit.

Samuel Pets & Animals August 21, 2020 at 11:46 pm
Pledged of $3,500 goal
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Hello, My name is Samuel and I’m raising money to save my cat “Kit” Life. On August 11th, my cat started to act strange after replacing the futon that she sleeps on with a new sofa. I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary and she would feel better after awhile.

Turns out that she stopped eating and drinking all together. Me and my wife took her to the vet and after $500 for blood work that we couldn’t afford, Kit was analyzed and the doctor said she could have cancer or a major infection. She required an additional $800 to perform X-Rays on Kit but we could not afford that. I love my cat and shes been my pet for 9 years come September 13th.

I really would like to be with her for much longer and do not wish for her to pass away but I cannot afford the things that she needs to get better from what she is suffering from. I’m asking for $3,500 for help with expenses. When it comes to pets, the Vets charge a lot for helping as I’m sure many of you know.

I am willing to show proof that this cause is legit in anyway possible and the money that I receive will go strictly to Kit for her recovery. I know that you’re probably thinking, “Why should I donate?” Think about if it’s your pet, would you do the same if you were in my shoes? I promise to donate any left over money to any cause I can that is similar to mine because I know the pain of being a pet owner whose pet is suffering.

This truly is heartbreaking to me, my cat is like my daughter of 9 years. Right now, she is wobbling around when shes walking. She used to be playful, she would wake us up every morning. It’s sad seeing a full bowl of water and full container of food everyday. Ever since she stopped eating, we have to force her to eat and drink so she has energy to live.

If anyone is able to donate, I will appreciate it.

Thank you for considering and if you cannot, that’s fine as well. 


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