Please help my family

My family is about to end up on the streets

Vadim Accidents & Disasters February 1, 2021 at 2:49 am
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I have never asked a single soul for money in my life, ever. Unfortunately, I did not expect, predict for this to happen.

My family, back in Russia, is literally about to end up on the streets. If you ever heard anything about “beautiful” country Russia, you know what I’m talking about. No law, no justice, no human rights. Back in a days, in order to survive (literally to buy food/medicine/pay bills) my family took a loan. But credit/banking system is terrible in that country, so the only option how bank was willing to give them those money is to take their only roof, their apartment as collateral.

Things got worse. I’ve lost both of my grandparents because of COVID. My mother got problems with her legs due to age, therefore she’s lost her job. My father is the only one who’s working right now and the money he’s making are barely enough to buy the food. I have a younger brother, he’s just 11yo. Now, after they explained all of this to the bank, those heartless, ignorance bankers filed a lawsuit and of course my family has lost it, and they’re taking away that apartment.

They absolutely don’t care about the kid, they don’t care about my mother being disabled. All they want is money. I’m sending to them already everything I’m making here, but I’m just an immigrant, trying to survive myself. I’ve lost my mind already. The only way is to pay them back and it’s like next to impossible on my own.

Once again, I’ve never asked a soul for money. I feel extremely ashamed and terrible doing so, but as you can see, I just simply don’t know what else to do. If any of you can help with whatever you can, I’ll be forever grateful.

Thank you and take care of your family!

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