Please Help My Father Live Longer.

Please Help My Father Live Longer.

Jonathan Health & Medical December 16, 2020 at 8:36 pm
Pledged of $1,500 goal
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Good Day Everyone,

I am Jonathan Detablan and I am the youngest son. I am raising funds for my father and his name is Juan Detablan Jr. 68 years of age. He is suffering from Heart Enlargement, Prostate Cancer, Diabetic, High blood and under going dialysis 3 times a week and he is having a hard time breathing and he cannot sleep well because of the pain he is feeling. My father was the best Dad we have and we wanted to be with him if God allows him to stay more longer. He suffered mild stroke and even had 2nd time cardiac arrest but thank God he was saved.

I am raising funds for my Dad because we are really financially down because 3 times a week dialysis is really difficult for us and every dialysis cost us much, Also we need to travel 30mins going to the hospital. He also needs oxygen everyday because he is having a hard time breathing and he slept sitting down on the chair because his back is aching and he always coughs. I really don’t know if this will work but I am just finding some means to help my Dad because as of now I am financially broke family and I just lost my job. This is the only way I think that I can help him and we don’t want our Dad to know that we are really having a hard time looking for money because he said, he wants to die because he don’t want to add burden to us anymore but as a family, We really don’t want that to happen.

I am sorry if I am not good in writing and I was having a hard time explaining here. I just want my Dad to live more and help him with his medicines and even on his hospitalization and dialysis.

I just hope and pray that God will touch the hearts of the people who are willing to help us financially or even include us in your Prayers.

I am so hopeless and helpless, But I just want to do the right thing for my Dad while he is still alive and he badly needed dialysis 3 times a week because he gets weaker if he skips the session he needed.

Let us value people while they are still alive and make use of the time with our loved ones.

Stay safe all and God bless.

Any Amount is a Big Help for My Father.

PayPal –
GCASH – 09664611099
BDO Unibank – 010250046911 (Jonathan Detablan)

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