Please help us to NOT get evicted ❣️❣️

Need help getting out of eviction court as we will all become homeless.

Jennifer Personal Emergency October 18, 2021 at 12:53 pm
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Hi everyone! We are the Watkins family. There’s 5 of us my finance, me and 3 boys 16,13&9 and my sons girlfriend and we reside in Volusia county Florida. We are in eviction court due to really bad hardships we have encountered over the last few months. It all started in June when my mother in law passed away due to covid. That put us in a place not to be able to pay rent on time for July because of funeral expenses and cremation. Then at the beginning of July I (Jennifer) got extremely sick with strep throat. I was in the hospital twice and out of work for 3 weeks. My income is the only income in the household. My landlord filed an eviction on July 21. Not even a whole month behind. We are still in eviction court and he has filed for a writ of possession and the judge approved it on 09/28. We have absolutely no where to go. The only way to fight the writ is to pay the amount owed which is $2100.00 and $1000.00 to get an attorney to be sure we can stop this writ. We have family but they’re in their own hardships due to the pandemic. I’ve always been able to provide for my children and never have been so scared and worried in my life. Please anything helps we have to come up with fast to not have to move. I’ve applied for assistance but they need a rental ledger and my landlord is refusing to assist us with that. Thank you in advance!! If anything please pray for us. We aren’t expecting everyone to donate $100 but if you can donate at least $10 that would definitely help and add up. We truly appreciate all the donations❣️

Other ways to donate if you don’t want to use GoFundMe:
PayPal: jennwatkins10
Cashapp: lilmamajenn10
Venmo:  lilmamajenn10

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