Pneumonia sick puppy

7 month old Boston terrier

Marina Pets & Animals November 12, 2020 at 6:06 pm
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My aunt is in a desperate situation. Her 7 month old Boston Terrier, Echo, is very sick with pneumonia. Last Wednesday November 4th my aunt took Echo to Donner Creek Vet because she was wheezing and coughing to the point where she was choking and throwing up. She was sent home with a cough suppressant and told Echo was perfectly healthy. Then on Wednesday November 11th after a long sick week my aunt called her vet back and brought Echo in for an emergency visit because she just wasn’t getting better. They had her come back for more X-rays and blood work. My aunt waited in the parking lot for 7 long hours wondering how her dog was and in return when she called they were very blunt and rude with her. Finally an hour later they told my aunt that Echo had fluid in her lungs and it looked like the start of pneumonia. She expressed her concern about her puppy and they were very rude and told her “you do realize we have other patients, right?” And again she was sent home with no antibiotic. So today after another rough day my aunt decided to take Echo to a different vet, the emergency vet because nothing was changing. Upon arrival she was told immediately that something was very wrong. That this is a life or death situation. They want to keep her over night to make sure she is getting enough oxygen and the medicine she needs but after the two visits in the last week my aunt is financially tapped. My aunt hasn’t worked since March with COVID, she has three school aged kids that rotate between in person and remote learning. This schedule makes working very hard for my aunt. Anything will help. This puppy is her baby.

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