Raise funds to fix car to transport disabled husband to appointments

Disabled husband needs reliable transport

Trisha Accidents & Disasters October 18, 2021 at 5:01 pm
Pledged of $300 goal
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In 2014 I married my soulmate, 8 months later, he was in level 1 ICU, with minimal chance to survive. Broken neck, back, ribs, which went into his lung and collapsed it. Broken pelvis, we were told this alone killed most people. Broken ankle. He had no insurance, was in an out of state hospital, so charity care didn’t pay.  After a month on a feeding tube and breathing tube, tons and tons of prayer and alot of hard work on his behalf, he was put in a nornal room with me (his wife) Noone would accept him for rehab because of no insurance, I couldn’t get him insurance because he was classified as “residing out of state” I finally told them I would rehabilitate him at home (and I did) he can walk, he can breathe and eat on his own, and has been blessed and is a complete miracle.   Rewind to now…we finally obtained a vehicle. It needs a little work (oxygen sensors) I have to take him to a doctor once a month, 2 hours away once a month, plus numerous local or doctors that are already closer to home! We cant afford the $300 repair. I am sincerely and hesitantly asking for help. If you feel moved to donate, thank you, if you simply offer prayer, we are grateful!! God bless you!

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