Raising Funds For Multifocal Cancer

Multifocal Cancer spinal cord to lungs breathing issues

Shadab Health & Medical December 2, 2020 at 11:22 am
Pledged of $32,000 goal
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I am sorry for being so possessive and arragant and I don’t know who was I the time when I lost Papa and had no help for his cremation

But I don’t want to mourn and sit and think what all I have lost

I want to move on stay strong and fight this battle having someone with my side

I know I have kept asking money lot of times for my dad’s funeral sisters funeral mother’s funeral Fatima’s funeral haven’t got any

But now it’s all about me

If I get this help I have planned to live in a place where no one knows me and I want to start from the scratch

It’s just the first stage of multifocal cancer impacting my spinal cord with root cause at lungs and if no proper treatment done on time I may be living with bended spine entire life  i have no place to stay keep myself warm no clothes I have been surviving on eating rats from past 3 days just because I cannot go from garbage bins to bins as it is paining a lot for me It’s also hard to catch rat and then kill it and then roast it.I cannot walk properly the reason is when I stand or sit the bones scratches with each other due to which the pain starts

And it can hamper my bones causing bones cancer I told you my miserable story and this is what is happening with me and this is how I am surviving if anyone reading this post feels my pain please help me that’s just 477.18 dollars for you all but it’s a lot of money for me as Gofundme and other applications are not supportable in India for help please send me direct message

May God bless and help every one

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