Aims to help sustain my rescued cats and the stray dogs and cats that I am feeding

LYZZA Pets & Animals April 4, 2021 at 8:43 pm
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‌Hi! I am from the Philippines. I am a working student, a part time veterinary assistant while taking my degree in Computer Science. As a working student I only earned per day 346.00 in Philippine Peso (7.16USD), accumulated and given to me bi-weekly. Currently, I have 21 indoor rescued cats (Puspin/pusang pinoy/Philippine domestic cat), 6 of them was already spayed and neutered. 16 of my cats is living with me at home and the remaining 5 is temporarily staying at my workplace but on April 15 my boss ask me to move them out from the clinic since the space is not enough anymore since they are all growing. I am also feeding other Stray dogs and cats that I cannot bring home in since the space I am Iiving is not mine. The perks of me being a vet assistant is that their check-ups, injectable medicines and 6 castration/Spaying is for free. The things that I need to support is their oral meds and laboratories (if needed) and the following spaying and castration after the 6cats free.

‌I have 2cats that has serious condition now Sam and Spot

‌Spot has severe sarcoptic mange. He have wounds coz of the mange. I am trying to cure his condition through the use of the Medicated soap and ointment that was prescribed to him by my boss but still not working. I tried bathing him using the extracted juice from boiled Guava Leaves. But he is not getting any better.

‌Sam, is one of the strays (that is now one of my babies) that I am feeding that became Missing in action for a while and when she came back, seemed like she was abused, so thin, crack lower front teeth, filthy fur and bruises is evident on her face and hind legs that at first I thought it was just a dirt but when I tried to clean it up, she cried. She was not eating nor drinking on her own for almost 2 weeks so I patiently forced her to drink Multi vitamins in the morning, vitamin C at night and forcefed her with soft food. She can now eat again but still not drinking.

‌My salary for every 2 weeks is only 4,500 PHP (93.11US) to help me out with the expenses I am selling online random stuffs like milk, face mask, foods and etc but not on a regular basis. It helps but still not enough since their expenses for 2 weeks is almost 5,200PHP (107.60USD).

‌I am writing this post to ask for a little help to support the foods and other basic necessity of my cats l (litter sand, box and cage)and other stray dogs and cats that I am feeding. Also the medication of my 2 cats. Any donation will be highly appreciated and will be a very big help for my babies.

‌Hope that the admin will approve this and someone will notice my post.
‌Thank you.

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