Save my family please

Hello, people of good hearts. My name is Heba from Palestine, specifically besieged Gaza. I have children, and my husband died during rockets fired at Gaza. We are very poor and live in uninhabitable broken house. No one helps my poor family. I wish your kind hearts to help me. You can donate here or in paypal at - \thank you

Heba Accidents & Disasters February 16, 2021 at 3:24 am
Pledged of $1,000 goal
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I have been trying to seek help for my Family in various places by setting up different fundraisers. The money will be used for food, blankets and fixing our house.
1. We are in desperate need of funds for survival in terms of blankets, food, cooking gas, clothes;
2. Refurbishing buildings to make them habitable.
3. Providing safe space for children to grow and learn in peace and for my family to rebuild our lives. In the current brutal conditions of Corona, lack of work, loss of homes by war, we are on the brink of death.
It is amazing the positive effect that someone caring about you can have. Your kind donation is for emergency aid for the basics of life. All the generous donations will be sent to the team helping us on-site. Please help if you can, if you cannot then a share is worth a million. Thank you very much

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