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Justin Family & Kids June 15, 2020 at 7:12 pm
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Justin Jr. (22 months) and his beautiful baby sister Kaiya (4 months) have been ripped away from their daddy and home so many times this year I can’t even keep count. Put it this way – they’ve spent more time traveling in their car seats than they have in their own beds due to their mother’s insatiable need to “run away” when things aren’t going that smoothly between the two of us. And the COVID-19 pandemic only compounded the problem because she’s a serious germ-a-phob.   This last time though (6/3/2020) is the Proverbial “Straw that broke the camels back.” I admit, I’m not that sensitive to others And their feelings but when your wife has spent literally every moment of her free time since she’s been back from “quarantine “ to pick, micromanage and just degrade their dad in front of them you gotta put your foot down. Well that’s what happened and when I finally starting speaking up about the names she calls me to make herself feel better (not sure how that works but it does for her) it started the argument to end all arguments. But unfortunately arguing with her (a former Army NCO who had experienced an unthinkable trauma while serving) only stirs up hateful things and actions.  This was the third time she had called the police and the unfounded accusations just came rolling out. They did their investigation and just like the other times found none of them to be true but there’s a caveat. She went to her mothers as she’s done before but this time I get a lecture on how “this isn’t going to end well for you” and “you’ll never see them again” rant but unfortunately two days later I was served with a protection order with the “victims” being my children and herself. Blew my freaking mind.  And to top it all off as I’m gone to work during the day (which is over an hours drive) she shows up to the house and literally starts emptying it, from pictures on the wall to the food in the fridge. I contact the police of course and they tell me “as long as she’s on the lease she can do whatever.”

So here I am stuck in a rock and a hard place trying to keep the Houston food and finances together for my family or at least my children and I don’t even have the help of the police.  This is all very very disheartening and depressing to tell you the truth that’s why I’m reaching out to you guys to help so I could secure a lawyer and get all this straightened out and get my kids on the right path a better path and I was on when I was their age because I think that’s what life is about is providing a better opportunity for your children to succeed than what was given to you.

thank you for your time in reading my (at least to myself and kids) life altering event.

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