Saving Fany

Please help me save the life of a wonderful woman

Kobus Health & Medical May 5, 2020 at 1:16 am
Pledged of $5,500 goal
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Hi my name is Kobus. The lovely lady above is my fiance Fany (pronounced funny). Fany came into my life at a point where I was down and out. I was depressed and my PTSD (I am an ex South African Special Forces sniper) was getting the better of me. She brightened my existence and saved my life. Now it is my turn to try and save her life.

Let me tell you more about Fany. Fany is 34 years old, live in Jakarta and is mother to two beautiful kids. She is a great partner, super mum and most of all a decent human being. She has never asked me for anything and is a very proud woman. But even the best of us sometimes needs a helping hand.

Fany has a brain tumor and needs some help. In the first photo Fany is happy and healthy and the second was taken a few days ago. You can see the pain in her eyes. In order for Fany to survive she needs surgery. She has a surgical appointment on 15/05/2020, but in order for that to go ahead we need at least $1000 deposit. The total cost of the surgery is around $5500 and of course there will be ongoing medical expenses.

I have been working 13 days a fortnight, up to 12 hours per day to try and cover the costs involved, but just cant seem to meet the financial demand. I have maxed all my credit cards and the banks won’t help.

The funds will save Fany’s life and give her back to me. There will be ongoing medical costs and most of those I will be able to cater for, I am not concerned about that right now. Right now I am concerned about getting her the life-saving surgery she needs. She is constantly on very strong painkillers and has lost that special spark in her eyes.

Please help me help Fany. She is worthy of this.

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